Commit d18d68ed authored by Eugen Rochko's avatar Eugen Rochko

Remove unused imports

parent bf910a72
......@@ -21,8 +21,8 @@ import avatarCloudfleet from './assets/sponsors/cloudfleet.png';
import sponsorSDF from './assets/sponsors/sdf.png';
import avatarJamesMWright from './assets/sponsors/jamesmwright.jpg';
//import avatarAndreaValenti from './assets/sponsors/andreavalenti.png';
// import avatarDavidHutchinson from './assets/sponsors/davidhutchinson.png';
import avatarIrick from './assets/sponsors/irick.gif';
//import avatarDavidHutchinson from './assets/sponsors/davidhutchinson.png';
//import avatarIrick from './assets/sponsors/irick.gif';
//import avatarSirTyrent from './assets/sponsors/sirtyrent.png';
import avatarVJ from './assets/sponsors/vj.png';
//import avatarFragbenny from './assets/sponsors/fragbenny.jpeg';
......@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ import avatarEvan from './assets/sponsors/evan.png';
import avatarMarkAtwood from './assets/sponsors/markatwood.jpg';
import avatarNoellabo from './assets/sponsors/noellabo.png';
//import avatarLevlaz from './assets/sponsors/levlaz.png';
import avatarDansup from './assets/sponsors/dansup.jpg';
//import avatarDansup from './assets/sponsors/dansup.jpg';
const renderThumb = ({ style, ...props }) => {
const thumbStyle = {
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