Commit ddd095cf authored by Eugen Rochko's avatar Eugen Rochko

Enable new translations

parent 4cd753e4
......@@ -10,12 +10,14 @@ import ScrollToTop from './ScrollToTop';
import { addLocaleData, IntlProvider } from 'react-intl';
import en from 'react-intl/locale-data/en';
import fr from 'react-intl/locale-data/fr';
import pl from 'react-intl/locale-data/pl';
const messages = require.context('./locales/', false, /\.json$/);
const messagesForLocale = locale => messages[`./${locale}.json`];
const messagesForLocale = locale => messages(`./${locale}.json`);
const App = ({ usersLocale }) => (
<IntlProvider locale={usersLocale} messages={messagesForLocale(usersLocale)}>
......@@ -68,4 +68,4 @@
"wizard_row.stability.awful": "Horrible",
"wizard_row.stability.intermittent": "Intermittent",
"wizard_row.stability.stable": "Stable"
\ No newline at end of file
"credits.branding": "Branding",
"credits.branding_text": "Pobierz logo, ikony i słonie",
"credits.color_scheme": "Schemat kolorów Mastodona",
"credits.get_press_kit": "Zdobądź materiały prasowe",
......@@ -23,15 +24,21 @@
"features.take_control_text": "Dzięki funkcjonalnym narzędziom do <strong>kontrolowania, kto zobaczy Twoje wpisy</strong> i <strong>limitowi 500 znaków w wypowiedzi</strong>, Mastodon pozwala Ci na wyrażanie się bez przeszkód. A co najlepsze, <strong>wszystkie wpisy ułożone są chronologicznie</strong>, bez reklam. Dzięki aplikacjom na Androida, iOS i praktycznie każdą platformę, <strong>Mastodon jest zawsze pod Twoją ręką</strong>.",
"features.toots": "Są one nazywane tootami",
"features.user_first": "Użytkownicy są na pierwszym planie",
"features.user_first_text": "You’re a person, not a product. Mastodon is a free, open-source development that has been crowdfunded, not financed. All instances are <strong>independently owned, operated, and moderated</strong>. There is no monopoly by a single commercial company, no ads, and no tracking. <strong>Mastodon works for you</strong>, and not the other way around.",
"home.as_seen_on": "Mówią o nas",
"home.get_started": "Rozpocznij",
"home.headline": "Sieć społecznościowa, <strong>w Twoich rękach</strong>",
"home.how_it_works": "Jak to działa?",
"home.install_your_own": "Zainstaluj u siebie",
"home.install_your_own_text": "If you are interested in running your own instance — for your friends, family or organization — you can get started by reading the installation documentation. You only host your own users and the content that they subscribe to.",
"home.read_the_docs": "Przeczytaj dokumentację",
"home.tagline": "Największą na świecie wolna i otwartoźródłowa federowalna sieć społecznościowa",
"how_it_works.how_it_works": "Jak to działa?",
"how_it_works.how_it_works_text1": "Anyone can run a server of Mastodon. Each server hosts individual user accounts, the content they produce, and the content they subscribe to.",
"how_it_works.how_it_works_text2": "Each user account has a globally unique name (e.g., consisting of the local username (@user), and the domain name of the server it is on (",
"how_it_works.how_it_works_text3": "Users can follow each other, regardless of where they’re hosted — when a local user follows a user from a different server, the server subscribes to that user’s updates for the first time.",
"how_it_works.why_its_cool": "Co w tym fajnego?",
"how_it_works.why_its_cool_text": "Servers are run independently by different people and organizations. They can apply wildly different moderation policies, so you can find or make one that fits your taste perfectly. A decentralized network is harder for governments to censor. If one server goes bankrupt or starts acting unethically, the network persists so you never have to worry about migrating your friends and audience to a yet another platform again.",
"nav.code": "Kod źródłowy",
"": "Dokumentacja",
"nav.sponsors": "Sponsorzy",
......@@ -52,5 +59,13 @@
"wizard.get_started": "<strong>Rozpocznij:</strong> Wybierz instancje",
"wizard.help_me_choose": "Pomóż mi wybrać",
"": "Szukaj instancji",
"wizard.text": "Each server is a separate, independently owned gateway into the fediverse. You can talk to your friends regardless of which one you choose, but each will have different moderation policies and interests, so choose the one that feels the most comfortable to you.",
"wizard.tip": "Wskazówka:",
"wizard.tip_text": "This isn’t just your home, it’s also the address that other people can find you by. It’ll be <samp></samp> like choosing an email address.",
"wizard_row.population.full": "Full",
"wizard_row.population.medium": "Medium",
"": "New",
"wizard_row.stability.awful": "Awful",
"wizard_row.stability.intermittent": "Intermittent",
"wizard_row.stability.stable": "Stable"
\ No newline at end of file
\ No newline at end of file
\ No newline at end of file
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ import {
} from './actions';
const supportedLocales = ['en'];
const supportedLocales = ['en', 'fr', 'pl'];
const initialLocale = () => {
const lang = navigator.language.split('-')[0];
......@@ -3,5 +3,5 @@ const manageTranslations = require('react-intl-translations-manager').default;
messagesDirectory: 'build/messages',
translationsDirectory: 'src/locales/',
languages: ['en']
languages: ['en', 'fr', 'pl']
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