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    Fix accessibility issues, and a few content tweaks (#20) · 36e51bb5
    Morgan Nichols authored
    * Fix accessibility issues, and a few content tweaks
    Accessibility issues found via http://wave.webaim.org:
    * Improved text contrast in several places
    * Fixed some duplicate alt tags
    * Fixed a heading hierarchy bug
    * Labelled a form element
    Other changes:
    * Removed the color swatches, they were flagged for contrast and looked
      out of place to me. If these were supposed to be part of the press-
      kit stuff, we should either put them in those files, or add some text
      on the page explaining why they're there.
    * Added a (temporary) link back to TheKinrar's instance wizard, to be
      removed once this one has feature parity (Since right now not having
      a link there looks like a regression of features from the user POV)
    * Reinstate color swatches, move wizard button
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