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......@@ -70,10 +70,12 @@ Hashtags are a really important thing on Mastodon. In fact, they are the [only p
So for your first toot, a great idea is to post a short #introduction giving some information about yourself and what your interests are and what you'll be talking about on Mastodon. That's also a great hashtag to search, you'll find lots of other people new to the network and many will care about the things you do.
{{< mastodon "" >}}
{{< mastodon "" >}}
{{< mastodon "" >}}
{{< mastodon "" >}}
### A quick tour of the web interface
> Mastodon offers [many apps](, both for mobile phones and for the browser; you are not locked into using the standard interface. For a simplified experience, try out [Pinafore](
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