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title: Mastodon 2 Year Anniversary
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date: 2018-10-13
Mastodon was first announced to the public through Hacker News, a link aggregator site for programmers, on October 6, 2016. Now we're celebrating the **2 year anniversary**!<!--more-->
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## Network growth
From **45** registered users on, the only Mastodon server at the time, the network grew to **1,627,557** registered users on **3,460** servers. That's not counting people on non-Mastodon servers that are compatible with Mastodon via ActivityPub!
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## Development milestones
From **332** commits by a single developer, the GitHub repository grew to over **6,140** commits by **513** people. Since the start of development in March 2016, **102** versions of Mastodon have been released, beginning with **v0.1.0** and ending with **v2.5.2**.
**4,343** pull requests were merged, and **2,851** issues were closed.
Here is a time table of Mastodon's most notable features:
**October 2016**
- The interface becomes responsive for mobile screens
**November 2016**
- Hashtags are implemented
- Search for accounts is implemented
- Notifications
- Marking media as sensitive is added
- The "unlisted" visibility setting is added
- The publish button is renamed to "toot"
**December 2016**
- The reblog button is renamed to "boost"
- Public timeline now excludes boosts and replies
- First admin interface is added
- Locked accounts are implemented
- The "private" visibility setting is added
**January 2017**
- Viewing one's own favourites is implemented
- Remote follow dialog is added
- The "boop" sound for notification appears
- Content warnings are implemented
- Two-factor authentication is added
**February 2017**
- The Streaming API appears
- Reporting accounts and toots is implemented
- The public timeline is split into "local" and "whole known network"
**March 2017**
- An emoji picker is added
**April 2017**
- The "direct" visibility setting is added
- The coyote stops rotating with new GIF autoplay preferences
**June 2017**
- The columns in the web interface can be moved, added and removed
- Deleting own account is implemented
**August 2017**
- The Mastodon logo is updated
- Web Push is implemented, allowing the web interface to receive push notifications
**September 2017**
- The entire Mastodon network is successfully upgraded from OStatus to ActivityPub
- Pinning toots is implemented
- MySpace Tom lives on as Mastodon begins making new users follow their admin by default
**October 2017**
- Custom emoji are implemented
- Alternative text for media attachments is added
- Hotkeys in the web interface are implemented
**December 2017**
- Lists are implemented
- Invite system is added
**January 2018**
- The e-mails sent by Mastodon become pretty
**March 2018**
- Search for toots is implemented
- Account backup download is implemented
- Focal point selection for thumbnails is implemented
- The frontpage is redesigned
**May 2018**
- Profile metadata can now be customized
- Up-to-date privacy policy is included
**September 2018**
- Support for federation relays to improve content discovery is added
- Public pages of profiles and toots are redesigned
- Featuring friends on public profile is implemented
## Press coverage
In the two year span, Mastodon was covered by:
- [The New York Times](
- [The Washington Post](
- [Esquire](
- [The Verge](
- [Motherboard](
- [Wired](
- [NPR](
- [The Outline](
- [Autostraddle](
- [Forbes](
I was interviewed on 3 podcasts:
- [Software Engineering Daily](
- [If Then](
- [The Changelog](
One piece of coverage stands out particularly as the source of a running joke on Mastodon. Lance Ulanoff from Mashable opened his April 2017 article "Six Reasons Mastodon Won't Survive" with the words "William Shatner couldn't find me on Mastodon. This was a problem." Since then, Mastodon was known as the Shatner-free space, where you are safe to hide from his gaze.
## Content highlights
Here are some personal favourites from my two years on the platform:
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{{< mastodon "" }}
{{< mastodon "" >}}
{{< mastodon "" }}
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