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......@@ -17,10 +17,16 @@ The 2.7 release consists of **376 commits** by **36 contributors** since October
{{< figure src="Screenshot_2019-01-19 Explore Mastodon.png" caption="Profile directory on" >}}
One of the new features is a **profile directory** that people can opt-in to. The directory allows you to see at a glance active posters on a given Mastodon server and filter them by the hashtags in their profile bio. So you can find people who share your interests without reading through the public timelines, and you can even find out who to follow from a different Mastodon server without needing to sign up and lurk there!
{{< figure src="Screenshot_2019-01-19 Mastodon (Dev).png" caption="Tutorial explaining the timelines" >}}
The **tutorial** that new people see after signing up has been completely reworked. It has a tighter narrative: Rather than explaining the minutea of the default user interface, it focuses on the main concepts of Mastodon, from which the interface is a derivation. And it is accompanied by colorful illustrations. It also has the benefit of loading a bit faster, since it's not a modal window laid over the interface, but rather it loads *before* the interface.
{{< figure src="Screenshot_2019-01-19 #catstodon.png" caption="Public hashtag page for #catstodon" >}}
The **public hashtag page** now makes better use of screen estate by arranging toots in a masonry grid instead of a narrow column. The public hashtag page is the page outside the columnized web interface that logged in users see and use--it is a page oriented primarily towards anonymous viewers.
2.7 includes a **new moderation warning system** for Mastodon. Whereas previously people would learn that their account was suspended or disabled only through a generic error page when trying to access their account, now moderators can choose to notify users about any actions taken against them. Even without specific actions, moderators can send official warnings that get delivered over e-mail and are reflected in the moderator interface, allowing other moderators to stay updated. Moderators can write any additional information in those e-mails. Because many moderation cases are similar, there is a system for saving presets, that moderators can very easily choose from instead of typing messages from scratch every time.
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