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# You can run these commands in separate shells instead of using foreman
web: rails s -p 3000

# Next line runs the webpack-dev-server
# You can edit config/webpacker.yml to set HMR to true to see hot reloading.
# Note, hot and live reloading don't work with the default generator setup on top of
# the rails/webpacker Webpack config with server rendering.
# If you have server rendering enabled, modify the call to bin/webpack-dev-server line
# so you add `--inline=false` and then CSS is not inlined.
# Otherwise, you will have an error. If you want HMR and Server Rendering, see
# the example in the
client: sh -c 'rm -rf public/packs/* || true && bundle exec rake react_on_rails:locale && bin/webpack-dev-server'