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......@@ -53,19 +53,19 @@ Knowledge and understanding of these libraries will simplify work with the Masto
### Ruby
- haml
- devise
- doorkeeper
- paperclip
- sidekiq
- `haml`, a templating language
- `devise`, for authentication
- `doorkeeper`, for acting as an OAuth 2 provider
- `paperclip`, for file uploads and attachments
- `sidekiq`, for background processing
### JavaScript
- immutable
- react
- react-redux
- react-router-dom
- react-intl
- `immutable`, for immutable data structures
- `react`, for rendering the dynamic web application
- `react-redux`, for managing React state
- `react-router-dom`, for navigation within React
- `react-intl`, for localizations within React
## Code structure
......@@ -75,14 +75,14 @@ The following overview should not be seen as complete or authoritative, but as a
|`app/controllers`|Code that logically connects models, services and views, authentication layer|
|`app/controllers`|Code that binds business logic to templates|
|`app/helpers`|Code that can be used from views, i.e. common operations|
|`app/lib`|Code that doesn't fit in the other categories|
|`app/models`|Code that operates on database records, or otherwise represents data entities|
|`app/models`|Code that represents data entities|
|`app/serializers`|Code that generates JSON from models|
|`app/services`|Complex logical operations involving multiple models|
|`app/views`|Templates for generating HTML or other output|
|`app/workers`|Code that executes outside the request-response cycle, i.e. in Sidekiq|
|`app/workers`|Code that executes outside the request-response cycle|
|`spec`|Automated test suite|
### JavaScript
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