Commit ff3d85b9 authored by Eugen Rochko's avatar Eugen Rochko

Add Keybase to sponsors

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......@@ -16,6 +16,7 @@ import sponsorKibousoft from './assets/sponsors/kibousoft.png';
import sponsorPixiv from './assets/sponsors/pixiv.png';
import sponsorPurism from './assets/sponsors/purism.svg';
import sponsorStream from './assets/sponsors/stream.png';
import sponsorKeybase from './assets/sponsors/keybase.png';
import wiredLogo from './assets/wired-logo.svg';
//import productHuntLogo from './assets/product-hunt-logo-horizontal-black.png';
......@@ -147,6 +148,7 @@ export default class Home extends PureComponent {
<Link to='/sponsors' className='logo-sponsor-tootdon'><img src={sponsorPixiv} alt='pixiv Inc.' /></Link>
<Link to='/sponsors' className='logo-sponsor-tootdon'><img src={sponsorKibousoft} alt='Kibousoft LLC' /></Link>
<Link to='/sponsors' className='logo-sponsor-stream'><img src={sponsorStream} alt='Stream' /></Link>
<Link to='/sponsors' className='logo-sponsor-keybase'><img src={sponsorKeybase} alt='Keybase' /></Link>
<Link to='/sponsors' className='logo-sponsor-purism'><img src={sponsorPurism} alt='Purism' /></Link>
......@@ -13,6 +13,7 @@ import sponsorPurism from './assets/sponsors/purism.svg';
import sponsorStream from './assets/sponsors/stream.png';
import sponsorRubymotion from './assets/sponsors/rubymotion.png';
import sponsorBambooHow from './assets/sponsors/bamboohow.png';
import sponsorKeybase from './assets/sponsors/keybase.png';
import noAvatar from './assets/sponsors/32x32.png';
import avatarGlocal from './assets/sponsors/glocal.png';
......@@ -68,6 +69,7 @@ const Sponsorship = () => (
<a href=''><img src={sponsorRubymotion} alt='RubyMotion' /></a>
<a href=''><img src={sponsorSDF} alt='Purism' /></a>
<a href=''><img src={sponsorBambooHow} alt='Bamboo How' /></a>
<a href=''><img src={sponsorKeybase} alt='Keybase' /></a>
<a href=''><img src={sponsorPurism} alt='Purism' /></a>
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