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title: Web Push API
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Mastodon natively supports the [Web Push API]( You can utilize the same mechanisms for your native app. For a reference, see [Mozilla's web push server](, and more practically, see:
- [toot-relay](
- [PushToFCM](
Using the Web Push API requires your app to have the `push` scope.
title: Streaming API
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Your application can use a [server-sent events]( endpoint to receive updates in real-time. Server-sent events is an incredibly simple transport method that relies entirely on chunked-encoding transfer, i.e. the HTTP connection is kept open and receives new data periodically.
Alternatively, a WebSocket connection can also be established.
### Endpoints
**GET /api/v1/streaming/user**
Returns events that are relevant to the authorized user, i.e. home timeline and notifications
**GET /api/v1/streaming/public**
Returns all public statuses
**GET /api/v1/streaming/public/local**
Returns all local statuses
**GET /api/v1/streaming/hashtag**
Returns all public statuses for a particular hashtag (query param `tag`)
**GET /api/v1/streaming/hashtag/local**
Returns all local statuses for a particular hashtag (query param `tag`)
**GET /api/v1/streaming/list**
Returns statuses for a list (query param `list`)
**GET /api/v1/streaming/direct**
Returns all direct messages
### Stream contents
The stream will contain events as well as heartbeat comments. Lines that begin with a colon (`:`) can be ignored by parsers, they are simply there to keep the connection open. Events have this structure:
event: name
data: payload
## WebSocket
For WebSockets, there is only one URL path (`/api/v1/streaming`). The access token as well as the endpoint you are interested in must be provided with query params, respectively `access_token` and `stream`. Query params `list` and `tag` are likewise supported for relevant endpoints.
Possible `stream` values:
- `user`
- `public`
- `public:local`
- `hashtag`
- `hashtag:local`
- `list`
- `direct`
## Event types
|Event|Description|What's in the payload|
|`update`|A new status has appeared!|Status|
|`notification`|A new notification|Notification|
|`delete`|A status has been deleted|ID of the deleted status|
|`filters_changed`|Keyword filters have been changed||
The payload is JSON-encoded.
> **Note:** In case of `filters_changed` event, `payload` is not defined.
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