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PUBG – Here’s how you can use grenades in the game

PUBG is now one of the most loved and played games ever in India and other gaming ecosystems. When it comes to action games, the role of grenades can’t be ruled out. And PUBG is not an exception! Yes, grenades have their own significance when it comes to first-person shooting games. In PUBG, gamers get more time (in seconds) to kill opponents before they eliminate you. Talking about the difference between death and kill in a game like PUBG, grenades can surely be the game-changer. But how you use grenades is what makes all the difference. And that’s where we are going to enlist some considerations to follow while using, pubg free uc . Read on! How to make the most of grenades in PUBG? Get familiar with controls first Before you begin using grenades in PUBG, the foremost thing is making yourself well aware of the controls. It may be for using and switching them. When you use grenades, you should also focus on the timing and how to place them. And it has got less to do with the force that you let it off. Hence, you must familiarize yourself with route and time that will take grenades to go off. And it is what is vital so that you may begin to use it effectively. Different grenades have different purposes When it comes to grenades in PUBG, there are many types like flash-bang, frag and smoke. But they come with different uses and may have different time for the explosion. For frag and flash-bang, you can throw them as close to your enemies. And in turn, it may get them exploded – and that’s the key. On the other hand, some grenades are used to block the view of your opponents. And hence; bursting them at vital junctures to get benefits is a nice idea.

Frag grenades are good when you have enemies hiding If you have some enemies hiding inside a premise and if you wish to take them out, frag grenades can’t be ruled out. It is more than useful when you don’t want that person to know about your whereabouts. You can also use frag grenades to distract your adversaries and force them to come out. In turn, it can help you aim them with a better shot. Molotov Cocktails can light up an area In PUBG, you also have the facility of using Molotov Cocktails. It is a grenade that can assist you to light up a region for about 20 seconds. But they come with risk factors as even your Team members may inflict some damages. They are good to go for short-range battles. If you use them properly, then that can bring out enemies and full squad. Molotov Cocktails are equipped with an Assault Rifle (fully-loaded). It is to ensure that your opponents do not escape. Flashbang is good for short battles Flashbangs are great for short battles. It is because it comes with extra seconds to help you eliminate your enemies. The best way to using any grenades in PUBG is by loading them with a weapon assault. This way, if you have a gun ready, then you can distract your adversaries. It may also fool them and assist you to finish them off. Smoke grenades are hard to use In PUBG, smoke grenades are something that is difficult to use. And that’s what gamers such as soul mortal complain of being tough to use. But if you are a sophisticated player, then you can get a unique benefit when you use smoke grenades. Yes, you can employ them to get your enemies out. It may also confuse them concerning your position. A prudent trick to use the smoke grenade is throwing it to your right. Once done, you can attack enemies from the other side or vice versa. Even when your enemy may expect you to attack them from another side, they have to focus on you/Teammates. Yes, they may expect you to come from thick smog. Smoke grenades may be tough to use, but they are fun to go for sure!

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